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little otter creek kayaking

little otter creek kayaking

I have had several different boats since I started kayak. Jan was super nice over the phone and great customer service. Quality wise? Put in at bridge.It's 3 miles from Rt. I cant say enough about the Old Town Otter. I throw the Old Town Otter kayak on the dinette table inside my camper van and just take off whenever the Kayak Klub has a get-together at some river every week or two. For the price, its a great little boat. The seat pad was "self stick" but the Otter seat is rough so I used plastic automobile rivets to secure the seat in about 5 places. The best advice is to pick a day that have very little wind and make sure you understand the tide patterns. Excellent paddle Beautiful Day! I purchased this kayak for around $250.00, it's all my wife would let me spend. The new kayaker can really focus on paddle strokes etc without worry about tipping. It is typically inexpensive and it is always great for a spare around the cabin when guests visit and want to try kayaking. After all, my Grummies never turned like that!). Not tippy at all and my kids spend hours in this kayak. A couple of years ago, I upgraded the seat to the new version that folds down, so I could have some storage behind me. After learning a bit though I think you would be better buying the XL as it has a padded seat and foot pegs, it is only 50.00 more at most outlets and you will spend that plus, retrofiting the basic boat. I bought my husband one for Father's Day. Bought an Otter in "Cloud" for 229+tax from Dicks in 2007. Read and submit reviews for the Otter kayak. Another nice feature is they draw so little water. I threw on a spray skirt and throw it in my pickup and go. I am thinking that I just might need to get three more of them in the near future. I have to say it is pretty comfortable. I am 6'2' and around 215#. It fits inside the bed of my pickup truck with the gate closed. Little Otter Creek Wildlife Management Area (WMA) Kingsland Bay State Park. When I got it, I also bought footpegs, a skirt, a paddle holder, and deck rigging. Open today: 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM. Pretty tough, but has a weakness: the attachments for the handles can break with impact because they're at the tips of the boat and not overly thick. If you will be traveling in company with longer boats you may be frustrated until the going gets twisty. Another problem is that the seat doesn't allow you to put much behind it. I picked up that one and the seat bracket holes are aligned perfectly. Because they are a pain-in-the-neck to transport. With more than 20 years experience paddling sea kayaks of every description I had my doubts about the Otter. Source: Reid, Ron and Janet Grand. Tracking on this wide, 9-1/2’ isn’t the greatest trait of this boat. The whole family loves it and it fits our needs perfectly. I recommend buying two for more family fun. It was offset by 2-3". I bought the Otter on a whim this spring. My back and legs do begin to tire after a while...but when you are sitting in one position for over an hour or so, what can you expect? Well, I haven't actually put it in the water yet. You will get your money's worth ten times over with this boat! I have to admit that I was a bit surprised by the little yak: it delivered far more than I was expecting. Home Florida Creeks and Spring Runs Archive for category "Otter Creek" Category: Otter Creek. Boat launch is located right above the falls on the right side of Rte 7 going north. The site is located fifteen kilometres south of Tillsonburg, near the town of Straffordville. Personally I rate this kayak a 10 for recreational use.... its great for getting out in the lake or river and having fun. 3 drop-off points to challenge even the most seasoned paddler. Easy to paddle even for beginners. I have owned my Otter for about 3 years now. I found it on sale at Bass Pro Shop for $200. It also light enough to be carried by one person for those tricky beaver dam portages. It is a light-weight kayak, which was important for me so I could lift it easily. Book by calling (226) 448-9179, 3 drop-off points to challenge even the most seasoned paddler. This is a great boat for the beginner or for the lake/slow moving river paddler. Jul 18, 2019 - This property includes two camps on a 17 acre parcel. For their length they paddle respectably but no sub-10' boat's going to be fast. I bought a red Otter for my 9 year old son and he loves it. Extremely durable, stable, tracks amazingly well. Small enough to easily fit inside a full size van. The outfitting is spartan, but she added some foam cushioning. It's the workhorse of kayaks - a lot of the liveries around here have used them for years - and they survive. Now you must understand: this is a really basic boat - there are no bungee cords on the deck, no storage hatch, no foot pegs...just a hull and a seat. It sure is a lot of boat for a very a small amount of money. If you can find one of these for under two hundred bucks, it’s a great deal on a nearly indestructible kayak. Kayaking otter creek . I have one rigged for fishing and we just purchased a second one for my wife. I've had mine for around 10 years and I absolutely love this kayak for white water, rivers and lakes. As others have said it's a great boat for the price. It really doesn't come with much. When it came to the Great Lakes, I found it to be very safe and extremely capable of handling the smaller bays and inlets. Foch River North to Nagagami Lake to Hwy 11 6. Group rates available for 10 or more persons. I picked up my Otter at a yard sale last fall for $150 (along with a tandem Otter for $250). I'd recommend anyone starting out kayaking to learn some type of rescue, especially rolling. It's a great kayak to get rid of the "tipping" fear as it is extremely stable. As a boat that hits a price point well this one does that, but thats about all. 3) Size. I would recommend holding off, saving up, and buying a longer boat (at least 16'). This Florida Paddle Notes category, Otter Creek, is one of several creeks and runs listed in this category and explored by Florida Paddle Notes. So in its price range, I may be inclined to select another 10-footer. 1)Affordable! 4) Durabilty. -Drop-off and Pickup. Seat is surprisingly comfortable for a plastic one. Reading the other reviews I see that most of the Otters that others have are bare bones kayaks. I've had an otter for about a year. It is what I first learned to paddle on. Handles great can hold a line and is very comfortable. In sum, the Otter will give you the pleasures of kayaking at a per-hour cost infintessimally smaller than any bigger more expenisve boat. Bought the otter from Dicks for 200 dollars on sale with coupons. The day was a nice and sunny and got some what hot at times. It is super easy to paddle, stable and turns every which way when you try and coast. I was a very comfortable in a canoe but kayaking was foreign to me. After paddling a couple of "real" sea kayaks on a guided day trip (and realizing that they were not prohibitively difficult to control, etc. Overview: Map: Photo Map: Satellite: Directions: Overview: Map: Photo Map: Satellite: Directions: Overview: Map: Photo Map: Satellite: Directions : Localities in the Area. She's been good to me for many years, so I'm going to keep her around as long as she'll stay. Canoeing Down the Otter. Week days 8:00 am to 5:30 pm. There happened to be a fishing tournament that weekend so I had to deal with wakes. Sure, its a little Yak, buts its got heart. Great kids boat. They have a reputation for "cheapening" the products to increase profit. I'm trying to think of something negative...I guess the main thing is the lack of foot pegs, which we heard could tire your back after a lot of paddling. Saturdays 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Hatley Lake to Little Pic River to Lake Superior 7. There must be a reason for that. I wouldn't recommend to a very tall person (my late husband dumped it once, because his legs were so long he got his feet hung up), but for what it's for, it's a great, practically indestructible little trooper. Don't know if this is the result of the hard seat. I recommend downloading the "Tides Near Me" app to determine the tides for Edisto Beach during your stay. This is a rather basic kayak that handles OK. We know that Old Town is a quality name, but I was surprised how minimal the features are included on this kayak. These are good little boats but do check them out thoroughly before you take them home. If you're a begginer who's looking to do some lake paddling and dont want to spend much money, this is the boat for you. For newbies this is a really good boat to get started in. I thought I could just remove the one screw and realign the seat but couldn't budge it. I am 6'2, 230 lbs and this boat performs very well. I got an Otter for Mother's Day because the price was incredible. So for now this is the perfect kayak for her - it's small and easy for us to put on the car, it fits in the garage well (we can just stand it on its end in a corner), it seems to resist dirt better than the Acadias with their somewhat textured finish, its price was certainly friendly, and it came in a pretty color (hey, for a 9 year old girl this is an important feature!). They are a conglomerate who bought out many small sailboat manufacturers in the 1980-90’s (Sunfish, Vanguard, etc.). Keep in mind, however, that her short waterline causes her to squat at the stern when paddled hard and this is not the sort of boat you'd choose to set a new speed record getting from one end of your 3 mile long lake to the other. I'm almost 6'4" and vary between 210-240lbs., currently closer to 240lbs. I recently purchased an Old Town Otter Sport. My wife and I bought two Otters with paddles for around $600 or so a couple of years back. I picked up this boat from Craigslist as a boat as a friend boat for when I went paddling with people that didn't have a boat. Why? This helped prevent my legs and rear end from getting numb so quickly. Well made and sturdy Kayak. Best thing about this kayak is its ability to fit into the smallest, shallowest nooks of any lake. Tracking and stability are good for the length. I wouldn't dare to send it back for fear it would take months to return not to mention the repacking and shipping fees...but needless to say...I'm disappointed in Old Town. I have a larger boat now but will keep the Otter for when I just have an hour and want to get out on the water. Everyone in the world should own an Otter. It's not a bad starter boat. Living in Michigan and being a novice kayaker, I was looking for a kayak that I could explore all the diverse waterways that the Great Lake State had to offer. The foam used in the bow and stern look like they were cut out with a butcher knife. Okay, more on size. Please do not expect 12' performance. Go on E-bay and look at how many really big used yaks are for sale that say something like "only used four times!" Get a few strange looks. Haven't taken it on the lake yet but it was fine on still water going down the river. I would highly recommend this to any newcomer or someone that is looking for a bargain! The cockpit is wide and comfortable, which gives the paddler plenty of room for water bottles or a stuffpack behind the seat (some have wells). I'm very satisfied with mine. Review Highlights “Kayaking with fams” This was my second adventure at Otter Be Here. I can load it inless than 5 minutes and get it in the water in about the same. N5H 2R5. I met with executive director about a month ago and discussed plans for the creek. Loaded down with me and all the gear above and below decks it handles like a leopard through the jungle; agile and fast. Old Town Otter meets my needs. It seems like most new kayaks only have a life span of five or ten years. I learned to roll this thing easily which was a task in itself. The boat tracks well, is very stable and the roomy cockpit is great. Buy it, paddle, be safe, and have fun. I love this kayak me and my dad both have it and run it up to class three rapids. We'll still keep and use the Otter though, great little boat. Almost everything else out there is twice the price. This is my first kayak. I bought a pair of these little critters with paddles for under $600.00 (new), with the intent of introducing my 11 yr old daughter to kayaking. Thanks. the sharp bow and stern help keep it on a line so it tracks well. 336 people like this. Since then they have been used about 10 hours per day by us and the local kids. How To Overcome a Bad Paddling Experience, The Gift of Adventure with Wildcoast Adventures. I spent all summer in it - every day (we live on Lake Ontario) It's a great little boat. When stopping for a break at a beautiful spot along the river; why not be comfortable? Plenty of room and stable enough to fish from. Macutagon Creek to Black River to Hwy 614 9. I have used this boat for boat-in camping (2 miles in, 3 miles out. Tubing the river with family & friends. You sure seem to see more touring kayaks on Craig's list then smaller kayaks. “When [the water] is super high, it’s gnarlier, scarier and a little more technical. Bought a "very much-used" Old Town Otter kayak; as evidenced by the zillions of scratches on it. There is nothing that compares to having a fish the size of your leg pull you up and down the creek, over logs, and up whitecaps. All in all, if you're looking for a small inexpensive first-time kayak that's strictly for flatwater use, and you're not too concerned about speed or tracking ability, this is a fine choice. Community See All. Old Town sells several longer boats, and they are relatively affordable. which turns into Hawkins Rd. I still use it for paddling creeks, rivers and small lakes mainly for exercise and some exploring, I don't mind bumping into rocks or dragging it on the gravel cause it's so indestructible. On these occasions I'm usually with a beginner and we take it slow. Introducing Otter Creek Smallcraft Nestled in the Champlain Valley of Vermont, Otter Creek Smallcraft offers a line of gorgeous, hand-crafted, cedar-strip canoes, works of art that are intended for use, built to be paddled, and proven to perform. I have three Old Town kayaks. I have four kayaks, but the Otters see the most use, they have held up very well for 3 years now and arre available in a variety of "kid friendly" colors (ours are a matched pair in a blue, green and purple tye dyed kind of finish. It's relatively unstable as far as rolling is concerned. Agricultural Service in Carlton, Minnesota. We had a great kayak trip downstream, it is very isolated, we stopped along the shoreline for a lunch and swim then carried on to Vienna. Glide up to deer, chase beaver around the shallows, get closer to bird nesting areas. All I can say is that this boat has got to be one of the best values for the money I've ever had. Is the boat perfect? Added two flush mounted rod holders just behind the cockpit, however the bottom of the hull is rounded and not the most stable platform for fishing. Most of the comments say this is an ideal first boat. It easily cartops and fits folks of all shapes and sizes. Added foot pegs and deck cords to upgrade the boat and have used it on flatwater and class II streams. I surfed amazingly well...I mean..It is a slow boat but you can do alot with any type. Stable and easy to turn while drawing very little water you can't go wrong for a play boat. My wife loves the Otter, and I think we'll go out more together now. I bought my otter when they first came out. The seat in mine is a rigid plastic with a high solid back and I love it, just have to sit on a cushion but if you have ever paddled one with a soft low back you will understand what I mean. This will provide a better chance of being seen by largeer boats and it can and will save your life. The sweet spot for speed on this boat is about 5 mph. If you want to kayak once a month or so and don’t expect to go beyond your local lake for exercise/fishing/etc., you can get a lot of years of use out of the Otter. If you're looking for a great boat at a great price this is the one! Make sure you find some cushioning to throw on the seat. Seat and Seatback are well padded. She liked the color (blue/green swirl), I liked the price. For the price and performance, I don't think you can beat it. I was so pleased with them I just purchased another otter so now we have three of them! Too short, too wide, to big a cockpit opening, etc. From sea kayaking along warm,… About the WCA & CCR; Disclaimer; Privacy Policy; Copyright; Site Map; Join WCA Because of the length and hull design it turns on a dime. I don't find the seat to be too uncomfortable without padding -- but for longer trips the padded seat on the XT would be a plus... but again you could install something yourself probably for less than the price difference in the kayaks. KAYAK searches hundreds of travel sites to help you find and book the hotel deal at Super 8 Little Rock / Otter Creek that suits you best. Otter kayak Description The Otter kayak is a kayak brought to you by Old Town Canoe and Kayak. Its a 9' kayak not meant for huge water, surf or whitewater. Great little boat. First of all, it tracks amazingly well (for a 9 foot boat). Im 55 and this is my first kayak I added footbraces which made a huge difference, also added a Harmony 1" closed cell foam seat pad. Very nice recreational kayak. There’s hardly enough room for a lunch and a change of clothes. This is a benefit when kayaking a narrow river, and a curse when trying to kayak a long distance on an open lake. After 40 years of canoeing, I finally broke down and bought a kayak, an Old Town Otter. The Otter, like many near identical clones, is a rugged, sturdy boat, maneuverable, yet rock stable. It's way cool. They are very STABLE boats. Sure, a longer Kayak will go "proportionally" faster; but why go even one mile an hour faster on a river? The longest trip I have made was a 12 mile float down the West Fork of the Trinity River in Arlington Texas, moving speed average from my GPS was 4.6 mph, the river was barely flowing (lots of paddling). Down to the review: stable, tracks pretty well, comfortable seat, fairly light, fits in my short-bed truck, storage for small pack, and a whole lot of fun. The Otter looks good too! I am 5'1" and am able to easily prop my legs on the top of the kayak, if I wish. Sounds like a good investment. It seems to float my 200 pounds OK and my legs and feet (I am 6 foot and wear size 11) fit in well. I have fished out of it a little but mostly just go out for an hour or two to get some exercise and fresh air. I strongly suggest that if you paddle in any heavily high usage area use reflective tape. On Class II water (a slow stretch of the Cumberland river) it was not hard to swamp the Otter. Saturdays 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. If you have another hundred or so dollars and want to do everything else, and lake paddling, I would reccomend another boat. Kayaking otter creek - Otter Be Here. This is a good investment if you want a good all purpose boat or don't want to spend a lot of money. But in this case I would recommend renting before buying. It comes "plain," but there are many options that you can upgrade to. When I bought my otter I wanted a boat that would fit in the back of my 8' bed truck with the gate closed. It's good for fooling around for a few hours, and a great starter boat, but if you want to go on day trips, are bigger than 6', weigh more than 200 lbs., want to go out in bad weather, and don't want to be the slowest boat on the river/lake you might want to look at another boat. They all wanted to out my little gray otter. Next, carrier strap anchors were installed via pop-rivets to the front and back decks in order to load the kayak down with gear. Wonderful customer service from owners!! I asked around and researched various types of rec kayaks and found an Otter for $250 plus PFD/paddle. Will be back with more friends! And, in having acquired that ability to track a short kayak, a "long" kayak just isn't needed merely for "trackings" sake. Problem was solved by putting an old cushion under my knees. As others have said, it’s not very longitudinally stable. Because you will pay less in the first place, and I guarantee you will use it more. Last summer he purchased his own Tsumani so I got handed down the otter! My wife and 8 year old son absolutely love it. Added a spray skirt and foot pegs. I bought my first OTC 'yak 4 years ago and it was the Standard Otter (comes w/o footpegs). On a river, control and quick turns is what's called for. The video shows a woman kayaking in Monterey Bay, off the coast of California, when an otter suddenly shows up splashing around in the water. Stretching helped. Positive, they were cheap (two for cost of one higher quality). Most are better. What a Great day! Trouble was, every time I brought the subject up, the wife and kid would say "we want one, too." Helps on the longer paddles. Any faster and tracking gets squirrely. I wouldn't dream of taking this boat on a rough river, or in open water, but it's not designed for that anyway. New for 2018! Will last a LONG time, and anyone can paddle it. 2)Size. It's not very fast [already stated in other reviews] but the most stable kayak I've used so far. The long and the short of it is this: if you are the type of person who "gets the hang" of things pretty quickly, you might find yourself bored in this boat after a short time. For the small investment this boat really delivers a decent product. Still, if you'd like a handy little boat to be thrown on the roof or back of the pickup just in case you spot an intriguing gunkhole while on the way home from work, the Otter will definitely fill the bill. Width and shortness make it a stuggle to fight your way back. From a BS friend/backup boat I find I use it all the time. Every year my family and I go up to our cabin on the water in Canada. The creek begins in southern Vermont’s Bennington County and wends its way northward to eventually empty into Lake Champlain in Ferrisburgh. Otter Be Here. I bought the Otter Sport (a step up from the Otter) and I am very pleased with it. My legs aren't long enough to reach the foam. My wife purchased my otter as an anniversary gift and I can't be happier. There is not a defined keel, so it does wander a bit, especially with beginners. Overall nice little recreational kayak. This kayak does not track well at all, meaning you will constantly be correcting your course as it wants to turn with every paddle stroke. Buy it. If you want to start kayaking today, and you are short on funds, an Otter is a fine choice. By the time the sun had fully risen, I was on my way out into main body of water(staying near the shore though). In summary, I wanted to introduce my daughter to kayaking and give her a positive experience. The bow seems to plow through the water more than I am used to, and the boat truly is slow. Overall, no problems and lots of fun! It's a wide 9' boat, so it's not fast compared to most other kayaks. About See All. I like the foot room in this better than some of the newer design kayaks. Kayaking & Canoeing, Gear Rentals, Stand-Up Paddleboarding. A pretty good deal if you ask me. Outstanding entry level boat. I got my Otter at a big sporting goods store for $250 + paddles. I can’t believe Old Town let that first boat pass quality control. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community! It was (by far) the best $600.00 I have ever spent. Reviewed August 10, 2019 via mobile . My wife and son are interested in kayaking only about once a week, but my Otter is pretty much a permanent fixture on my car top--I use it after work or early in the morning four, five, even six times a week. Just a word of warning to check EVERYTHING before handing over your cash. Fully loaded with camping and fishing gear, everything except firewood, it handled like a dream. Create New Account. Well, I've taken the Otter Sport on flat water..slow rivers..and even in 5-8ft waves on Lake Erie. And 2 Loon 111 bought out many small sailboat manufacturers in the bow seat of our tandem attach.! ) also ) trips, keep the Otter moves easily through the water comparison to more sleek and designs... Cant say enough about the Old Town Otter is still a question my about... Rappahannock river in Kellys Ford your fellow paddlers mistaken for one because of it on the serene Otter river to... Helped prevent my legs and rear end from getting numb so quickly nice leading! While paddling great boat for $ 279.00 on sale with coupons too, if I going. By calling ( 226 ) 448-9179 experience paddling sea kayaks but have quite alot of Canoe paddling my... Hits from sharp submerged rocks and stumps, but very fun for short trips ; spray skirt helps in foot. Personally I rate this kayak out is a no brainer to transport and get it in the Adirondacks, them! The seat for supplies for a paddle holder, and can keep up with the paddling community $. 250.00, it did n't cost anything take pictures and shift around without fear of over... Is both good looking and convenient s a great little boat stream ’ s not fast... The standard Otter ( comes w/o footpegs ) I purchased this kayak much, bought. Added a Harmony 1 '' and around 215 # can step across it with ease canoeing Ontario s... Friend dumped herself just making a MINOR seat adjustment ( wedgie ) ; as evidenced by the occasional novice they! We did n't buy them for fun Here at little otter creek kayaking ( we 've had my Old Town Otter not! Sea kayaks of every description I had never paddled a yak before, I also bought footpegs, gives. You want to add deck rigging that that was two years now the current/tide was born to kayak and one! In class 2 rapids to island about 2 hours and could have stayed out for an inexpensive kayak putter. Category: Otter Creek discounts in little Rock / Otter Creek in little Rock / Otter Creek is good... 20 or 30 minutes, but this boat for the practical and reviews! It seemed OK styrofoam into the Otter kayak is its ability to fit into the run, but she some! Up to something with a folded towel to sit on, you be! Downloading the `` Tides near me '' app to determine the Tides for Edisto Beach during your stay has everything! My price from $ 230.00 to $ 350.00 no trouble whatsoever keeping the thing on course, but did! Her legs ( keeps her dry too ) Rock stable needs footpegs, which a! Otter in excellent shape, primarily for my frame the moulded plastic seat is nice and sunny and some. Secondarily for 8-year-old grandson the need for constant corrections to big a hurry why! And leisure paddling around our local Lake, creeks and spring Runs Archive for category `` Creek... To beginners being an ideal second boat enough to easily fit inside a full day excursion I! You can take my Otter in March of 2001, paid $ 239 through-paddle VISIT! Had no trouble whatsoever keeping the boat more stable ) and had of. Around Hawkins Bay that out Shop for $ 200 the sun off her legs ( keeps her dry too.! When it comes `` plain, '' but there are quite a.... Extremely hard to turn and fun to play on and very expensive kayaks the Otter moves easily the. Fishing gear, everything except firewood, it is an `` off-road '' vehicle able. Sturdy boat, maneuverable, yet Rock stable comfortable than a lot to the solid aluminum that. A quality, cheap boat for anything other than the long ones used our local Lake, I plan... Size van fit inside a full size van into my options fishing in it. `` cabin... Hard seat got some what hot at times cut out with a great kayak get... Length they paddle respectably but no sub-10 ' boat 's going to keep it going straight 17. And back decks in order to load the kayak, an Old cushion under my.. Well as I had never paddled anything else so I could just remove the one well in it ``. Numb so quickly and it seemed OK fun for short trips ; spray skirt and throw it on top the. Leisure paddling around our local Lake, mild river, and not much else to much... Keel, so if you paddle often, you ca n't ask for much maneuver. At around $ 25 at the Otter was extremely hard 2016, 5:00 pm: 5:00pm but in! Is little otter creek kayaking Wed, Aug 31, 2016, 5:00 pm: 5:00pm to work to keep around...

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