How can I make an appointment?

To make an appointment you can dial the number that appears on the website or leave your contact information on the form.

How much does the first consultation cost?

The first consultation is free of charge. You have no excuses to improve your smile!

What causes bad breath and how can I avoid it?

What are the basic care you should have to have a healthy mouth?

Are all patients candidates for teeth whitening?

Can I use my insurance?

At the moment we do not work with any type of insurance.

Where is the clinic located?

Click here and see the location by google maps.

What effects can diabetes cause on oral health?

From what age is a dental implant recommended?

How often should a dental cleaning be done?

What are the payment methods?

Cash, credit and debit card.

What is the trajectory of Dr.?

Graduated from ......

Why are we afraid to go to the dentist?

How often should a routine dental consultation be performed annually?

Are all patients candidates for dental veneers?

Ask me a question

Ask me any questions about your oral health, I will answer you with pleasure

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