Dental Caries Treatment

Dental Caries Treatment in Tijuana

What are cavities?

It is the destruction of the tissue of the teeth (tooth enamel) caused by the acids produced by the plaque bacteria that are deposited on the surfaces of the dental pieces.

The deterioration of the teeth depends a lot on our lifestyle, influences the food, our hygiene habits, fluoride in the salt and the toothpaste that is used. Inheritance also plays an important role in the susceptibility of your teeth to decay.

Caries Treatment

Most importantly,  avoid the need for treatment.

Some treatment options which depend on the severity of caries:

  • Fluoride treatments. If a tooth decay is just beginning to appear, fluoride treatment can help you restore tooth enamel and sometimes reverse caries at very early stages.
  • Fillings. Also called restorations, they are the main treatment option when caries goes beyond the first stage. Fillings are resins composed of the color of the tooth, porcelain or an amalgam combination of different materials.
  • Crowns. For large decay or weakened teeth, it is possible that the solution is a crown, which is a custom made cover, to replace the natural crown of the tooth. The crowns can be gold, high strength porcelain, resin, porcelain cast in metal or other materials.
  • Endodontics. When tooth decay reaches the inner part of the tooth (pulp), endodontics is needed, treatment to repair and preserve a very damaged and infected tooth instead of extracting it. The pulp of the diseased tooth is removed, then replaced with a filling.
  • Tooth extraction. Some teeth have cavities so severe that they cannot be restored and must be extracted.

Caries treatment in Tijuana

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