Teeth whitening (Bleaching)

Teeth whitening (Bleaching)

The teeth whitening treatment in Tijuana

The color of our teeth depends on our genetics, that is why there are people with whiter teeth than others.

Regular and proper oral hygiene is essential. There are chemicals such as tobacco or coffee and wine that can darken the teeth producing stains on their surface, but in general with proper oral hygiene can be removed.

In addition we have the internal colorations, the teeth can be stained through  blood, caused by medications or antibiotics.

The bleaching substance will clarify several shades of your natural color, it is recommended that the whitening be done by a professional. For teeth whitening there are different procedures, for example with hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, whitening products that are activated with the heat emitted by the light applied to each tooth, the result depends on each person.


It is very important that it is a professional who advises and implements the appropriate treatment according to the state of the teeth. Made with a previous diagnosis and in the office.

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 The teeth whitening treatment in Tijuana

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Whiter teeth

Minimal irritation

Treatment in a visit



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