Third molar surgery or wisdom teeth in Tijuana

Third molar surgery or wisdom teeth in Tijuana

What are the Third Molars?

The third molars or wisdom teeth, are molars, which usually appear at the ages between 14 and 25 years, if they appear, since they may not do so at any age. The four molars may not erupt, but only some of them.

I recommend assessing the position of the third molar by radiographs to detect possible complications with opportunity, adolescence is the most appropriate age for these studies and to verify the need for extraction

For the surgical procedure of the extraction of the third molars we have anesthetics and surgical equipment that allows us to perform it in a time no longer than 10-15 minutes per molar, at the end it is sutured with resorbable material so it disappears in a week and a half , so we avoid the need to remove sutures, which is very convenient for our patients who come from somewhere outside Tijuana.

 Frequent complications by molar third parties in bad position:

  1.  Destruction by Molar resorption located to one side.
  2.  Appearance of cysts or tumors which can cause destruction of the jaw bone.
  3. Food retention, causing halitosis (bad smell) and unpleasant taste in the mouth.
  4. Gum inflammation, pain and bleeding
  5. Infection of the area with or without the presence of pus.

Extraction of wisdom teeth in Tijuana

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