Amalgam exchange for resins

Amalgam exchange for resins in Tijuana

The exchange of dental amalgams for white resins has important benefits:

  • The basics, the amalgam itself, adhere to the dental piece avoiding cavities.
  • Can be repaired without removing all the restoration,
  • The amount of healthy tooth that is removed is up to 60% less than with amalgams, so it is a more conservative technique.
  • White resins reinforce the tooth against fractures,
  • They are more aesthetic than amalgams
  •  They do not produce mercury release, considered a toxic metal.

Why change the amalgam for resins?

       In addition to the aforementioned, its biocompatibility with the human organism has been discovered, in the long term, due to the phenomenon of progressive corrosion, in the amalgam this is accompanied by the disintegration of its components, in particular mercury and silver, which are captured in important proportions by the human body.

If the amalgams are exchanged for resins, corrosion can be eliminated in addition to more aesthetic teeth.

Amalgams can be changed or replaced by white resins, inlays or crowns, in my office in Tijuana the state of tooth is determined to know which material to choose, in order to offer aesthetics, functionality and durability.

Amalgam exchange for resins in Tijuana


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