Why is it important to brush your teeth?

Why is it important to brush your teeth?

In the first place it serves to improve the breath, since the bacteria of the mouth decompose the remains of food. Secondly, because brushing prevents the appearance of tooth decay and that the teeth rot, which causes the loss of teeth and acute pain that does not allow us to lead a pleasant life.

Brushing your teeth regularly is decisive, since the bacterial plaque forms continuously, and only by eliminating it again and again can its harmful effect be avoided. But it is not only important to brush your teeth after each meal, but also the form or technique used. If brushing is incorrect, it does not fulfill its purpose and, worse, it can damage the teeth and irritate the gums.

Good oral hygiene, contributes to general well-being and prevents discomfort and disease, which is why it is important that tooth brushing becomes a daily routine when getting up, going to bed and after each meal.

The main reason to brush your teeth immediately after eating is because we must remove the bacterial plaque that, if not touched, accumulates and deteriorates the dental surface. These bacteria are constantly found in the mouth, but their harmful action takes place after eating food, since they also feed on them, and in doing so generate acids that wear off the enamel. In addition, brushing should be done 30 minutes after the meal at the most, since later the bacteria will have already done their destructive work.

What are the keys to good tooth brushing?

  1. The toothbrush must be replaced with some periodicity. It is normal to change it every 2 or 3 months, or when the filaments are worn, to maintain its cleaning efficiency.
  2. The size of the brush should be based on the age of the person. We cannot pretend that a child brush their teeth with an adult brush.
  3. The handle of the brush must be ergonomic to facilitate the brushing movement and be able to have greater control over it.
  4. The ends of the filaments should be rounded and textured to ensure a gentle and careful brushing so that they do not damage the gums.
  5. The number of rows of filaments should be between 3 or 4 rows to provide maximum efficiency in the removal of bacterial plaque and greater precision in interdental cleaning.

Is a manual or electric toothbrush better?

There is no conclusive study in either direction, and the choice of one or another type of brush will depend more on the patient's preferences. An electric brushing with a good technique is as effective as one with a manual brush and the only thing that the second provides is certain comfort by not having to perform the movement manually, so the electric can help those who do not have the necessary skills For a good technique. Let's use one or the other, the pressure when brushing has to be adequate, smooth, just like the brushing time and the movement to be performed, actions that the electric brush performs automatically and that reduces the “effort” of constant movement .

I think these tips are enough to become aware of the importance of brushing. It does not cost a lot of money, it improves health, the image, and as soon as it is done for a while, the routine causes it to cost less and be done as usual almost without realizing it. And we must not forget to pay attention to the brush we use for our oral hygiene because it is the key to getting proper cleaning.


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